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Success Stories

Belinda Johnson: Building a Business

When you make a deposit in your SHCU account, your dollars go to work in the community. That's because deposits from SHCU members help fund the loans we make to families and entrepreneurs across North Carolina.

When Belinda Johnson needed a loan to expand her accounting business, she came to Self-Help. The financing she got helped her purchase a bigger office and build her business. Watch her story!

Ellis & Venus

Ellis Davis and his wife Venus bought their home in Knightdale, North Carolina, with a home loan from SHCU. Watch the video to hear their story.

Casa dei Bambini: Believing in Bilingual Education

Stephanie Wilson believes in the power of teaching kids about other languages and other cultures at a young age. So she started Casa dei Bambini, a bilingual Montessori school in Asheville, N.C. Ten years later, the Casa community is still going strong. Read an interview with Stephanie.

Nick & Lisa: First Time Homebuyers

Nick, Lisa, and her son Jacob rented a 1-bedroom apartment and dreamed of homeownership. While the drop in home prices in the summer of 2010 made this dream accessible they struggled to find a house to purchase. Read More...

Creating Homeownership

Throughout 2010, Self-Help continued to work with people who were ready for homeownership. For La'Toscha Cockrell, "being ready" was a long process that took hard work and changes in the way that she managed her money. Read More...

Personalized Therapy Incorporated

By keeping kids in school, PTI makes it easier for parents and caregivers to keep their jobs and maintain stable homes. Read More...

Preparing Students for Success

The school has created an environment of high achievement, in which intellectual curiosity is encouraged through demanding coursework and a comprehensive approach to education. Read More...

Independence Starts At This Point

"A partner is a different person than a person who just loans money," he says. "With Self-Help and the USDA, I had partners that wanted to see me succeed." Read More...