ATM Nationwide Network & Shared Branching

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ATM Nationwide Network & Shared Branching

ATM Nationwide Network & Shared Branching

Extend your Self-Help Credit Union service from coast to coast, no matter where your travels take you. Thanks to our credit union partnerships, you can withdraw cash without a surcharge — not only at conveniently located Self-Help Credit Union ATMs, but nationwide! Find surcharge-free ATM access anywhere you see the CO-OP network logo, or at local Cashpoints ATM terminals throughout North Carolina.

Plus, with Shared Branching, you can make deposits, loan payments and withdrawals at any one of 4,000+ participating shared branch locations. Just identify yourself as a Self-Help Credit Union member and provide your full account number.

National ATM Network
  • ATM access is SURCHARGE-FREE from coast to coast
  • 28,000+ nationwide locations in the CO-OP ATM network
  • Access North Carolina State Employees Credit Union Cashpoints ATMs within NC
  • Use your Self-Help Credit Union debit card to withdraw cash
  • Plus, your debit card is FREE!

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Shared Branching
  • Access to the entire Shared Branch network of credit union branches
  • Includes over 4,000 participating branch locations nationwide
  • Make deposits and loan payments with no transaction fee
  • Low $2 withdrawal fee at any shared branch location
  • Enjoy community-driven credit union personal service
  • Plus, you still have 24/7 access to Self-Help Credit Union online banking

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