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WealthBuilder Loans

WealthBuilder Loans

Don't throw your money away on sky-high interest rates. Refinance your personal loan and put more money back in your pocket where it belongs. Self-Help Credit Union can offer refinancing of qualifying high-interest personal loans at lower interest rates. That means savings for you every month.

Here's the twist: unlike typical refinancing loans, our WealthBuilder loan doesn't just help you save money today. It also helps build a nest egg for tomorrow. How? Half the money you'll be saving over the life of the loan goes into your pocket every month through lower payments – the other half is advanced to you in a special savings account, where it earns interest while you finish paying off the loan.

Let us turn a high rate into a more affordable one, and help you make the most of the savings.

To get started, contact WealthBuilder@self-help.org or your local branch.

Self-Help offers this product in partnership with MetLife Foundation.

  • Lower the interest rate on an existing loan
  • Build a nest egg of savings
  • Save money each month
  • Strengthen your credit score
  • Local, quick decision-making
  • Sincere, community-driven service