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Charter School Loans

Charter School Loans

Secure the space you need to give a proper, tuition-free education. Our Charter School Loans give you a means to upgrade your facilities, purchase land, construct new facilities, or expand. We make loans of $500,000 or more to high-performing charter schools that serve at-risk students in low-wealth communities, nationwide. Build a strong foundation for a better education.

  • Exclusive funds for charter schools in low-wealth communities
  • Use funds to improve your charter school's facilities, including:
  • Purchase of a facility or land
  • Construction of a new facility
  • Renovations or expansions
  • Roll construction financing into permanent refinancing
  • Flexible terms
  • Credit enhancement programs available
  • Sincere, community-driven service
  • Plus, we offer Charter School Loans in North Carolina and nationwide!

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For more information on our charter school loans, please contact CharterSchool@Self-Help.org.