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Environmental Loans

Environmental Loans

Self-Help promotes environmental sustainability in our own operations and in our lending — including loans to businesses that count conservation as a core company value and day-to-day objective.

We've been proactive about financing green businesses, nonprofits and community initiatives for the past 25 years. We do it to improve home, school and work environments, to help families and businesses reduce energy usage and save money, and to be a good steward of our shared planet.

We offer flexible terms and competitive rates, alongside expertise in energy lending and complex transactions.

  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Expertise in complex transactions
  • Professional service, personal attention

See how going green (PDF) can help you hang on to your profits!

For more information on our environmental loans, please contact GreenLoans@Self-Help.org.

Green Lending
Facts & Resources

Over the years, we've financed a wide range of green works that include renewable energy, recycling and reuse, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, fuel efficiency, land conservation, green building, toxicity reduction and more.

  • Number of green loans: 133
  • Number of green dollars lent: $87.6 million
  • Number of green dollars lent in 2011: $12.5 million

A Self-Help loan could help you improve the energy efficiency of your business, nonprofit or housing development. Check out our issue papers to learn more about the returns from investing in energy efficiency:

Success Stories

In our green lending, we focus on the triple bottom line - ventures that produce high financial, social and environmental returns.

Check out this great video from borrower Blue Ridge Biofuels!

See the success stories below to learn more about some of our other green borrowers.

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