WealthBuilder Loans

Refinance into a WealthBuilder Loan

Struggling with paying high interest on a personal loan? WealthBuilder is designed for you. Talk to us about how you can lower your rate and build savings at the same time. Contact a Self-Help Credit Union loan officer to apply. 

How it Works

Reduce Your Interest Rate
With a WealthBuilder loan, you refinance a high interest rate loan (or loans) into a loan with a lower rate. But that's not all ...

Build Savings While Paying Off Your New Loan
Some of the money you save as a result of the lower interest rate will go into a Self-Help Credit Union savings account. Those funds will be held in your name, earning interest, and paid out to you once the WealthBuilder loan has been paid back in full.

A WealthBuilder Loan Example

  • Interest Rate Reduction: From 23% to 9.43%.
  • Term Reduction: 1 year
  • Savings: $4,300 (in interest over the life of the loan)

The WealthBuilder loan is making a difference in the lives of our members. (photo of borrower Lakeisha Wilson).