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It's easy! Determine your eligibility and complete the appropriate application forms from the choices below.

Membership Eligibility Options


If you live, work, worship or attend school in any of our 42 counties of service across North Carolina, then you are eligible to become a Self-Help Credit Union member. View the eligible counties.

Center for Community Self-Help

If you are not geographically eligible, then you can become a Self-Help Credit Union member by paying a one-time $5 fee to join the Center for Community Self-Help.

Two other ways to be eligible for Self-Help Credit Union membership are (1) if you are an immediate family member of an existing member, and (2) through a qualifying workplace affiliation. See the membership application for details.

How to Apply for Membership

New Member:

1. Fill out the Membership Application form electronically, then print and sign it.

2. Complete a Share form to open any checking and savings accounts. Complete a Certificate form to open certificate of deposit (CD) accounts. Like the membership applications, these forms can be filled out electronically and printed.

3. Deliver the completed and signed forms (along with your deposit) to your nearest branch by mail or in person. If you do not live, work, worship or attend school in one of our eligible counties, mail the completed forms and your deposit to:

Self-Help Credit Union, P.O. Box 3619, Durham, NC 27702-3619.

Personal Application Forms

Required for all new members: Personal Membership Application

For checking, savings and money market accounts: Personal Share Application

For term certificates (CDs): Personal Certificate Application

Business / Organizational Application Forms

Required for all new members: Business Membership Application

For Checking, Savings and Money Market Accounts: Business Share Application

For Term Certificates: Business Certificate Application

Online Application (LIMITED USE)

This option is only offered for savings, money market and certificate account openings. You may not apply online when opening a checking account. View our Online Application

Existing Member Opening New Accounts

Existing members should open new accounts by using the "Apply Now" link on the corresponding account page and following either the print or online options.

Application Assistance

For help getting started, visit our nearest branch or call us at 1-800-966-7353.

Joining Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Do you live in California or Chicago? Do want to support Self-Help with a deposit greater than $250,000? Then also look into joining Self-Help Federal Credit Union. Member deposits in each credit union are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. Combined, that's up to $500,000 in insured savings at competitive rates.