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Serving Women and Children

Empowering Women and Children

Self-Help helps women create economic opportunities for themselves and their families. We support women who are building assets by opening their first savings accounts, starting their own businesses, or buying homes. Our approach to community development also includes youth and education. We lend to child-care providers who might have difficulty getting loans from other sources, and we finance facilities for public charter schools that serve students poorly served by existing options.

Our Impact

  • More than 1,200 loans to woman-owned businesses
  • Child care loans that have created or maintained more than 23,000 spaces, mostly for children from lower-wage families
  • Public charter school loans that have helped create facilities for more than 42,000 students, with a focus on communities that lack quality educational choices
Michelle Holland

A Self-Help loan helped Michelle Holland buy more buses to provide transportation services for public charter schools in Charlotte, NC.