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Affordable Home Loan Secondary Market Program

To help make homeownership a reality for more people in the US, Self-Help is partnering with other lenders to provide affordable mortgages to home buyers.

Our partners include smaller lenders and community development financial institutions, as well as nationwide banks.

Through Self-Help's Secondary Market Program, our lending partners make mortgage loans to low- to moderate-wealth borrowers, including first-time home buyers; we then purchase the loans, enabling our partners to make additional loans and increase their impact.

We offer a variety of programs to meet our lending partners' needs:

Bulk Loan Purchase Program

Bulk to Flow Loan Purchase Program

Community Development Lender Bulk to Flow Program

Special Programs

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Partnership Makes an Impact

One of our Secondary Market partners is New Mexico-based Homewise, which sells loans to Self-Help and also services those loans. In 2018, no Homewise loans had late payments of 60 days or more, an extraordinary achievement. Homewise CEO Mike Loftin credits this to the common value shared by his organization and Self-Help: “It’s the care of people, of people’s lives, that really matter.” (Photo courtesy of Homewise.)

A History of Wealth-Building 

We are continuing our secondary market program today because experience shows it works. In our first secondary market initiative, the Community Advantage Program (CAP), we facilitated more than $4.5 billion in financing to over 50,000 homebuyers in 48 states.

Research by the UNC Center for Community Capital concludes that the CAP program—which also included low down payment loans paired with responsible underwriting—resulted in sustainable homeownership.  In fact, by 2012, families who became homeowners through CAP had gained, on average, nearly $22,000 in equity. This shows that responsible mortgages made a positive difference in building a stronger financial future for these low- and moderate-income families.