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Our Structure

Self-Help is a family of five nonprofit organizations. Since its founding in 1980, Self-Help has grown to include two credit unions, a loan fund and a research and policy affiliate.

Self-Help's Family of Organizations

SelfHelp Organizational StructureCenter for Community Self-Help

The Center is a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that develops and coordinates Self-Help's programs, raises resources and advocates for economic opportunity. All four of the below affiliates are also nonprofits.

Self-Help Credit Union

Self-Help Credit Union was founded in 1983 and is a member-owned, federally-insured, North Carolina-chartered credit union originally begun to raise deposits from members to make commercial, consumer and home loans. Our mission is to create and protect opportunity for all. In recent years we have expanded our impact by merging with other credit unions that have a similar mission. We now have 36 branches in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia serving more than 77,000 members with $2.1 billion in assets overall.

Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Self-Help Federal Credit Union was chartered in 2008 to build a network of credit union branches to operate on a scale uncommon in the community development industry. Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and new branch launches, we are building a community development credit union that aims to provide high-impact financial services to working-class communities in California, Greater Chicago and Milwaukee. Self-Help Federal now has over 29 branches, $1.1 billion in assets, and serves over 77,000 people.

Self-Help Ventures Fund

The Ventures Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) loan fund capitalized with loans and grants from foundations, religious organizations, corporations and government sources. It manages Self-Help's higher-risk business loans, real estate development and home loan secondary market programs.

Center for Responsible Lending

The Center for Responsible Lending is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy organization. CRL is dedicated to protecting homeownership and family wealth by working to eliminate abusive financial practices.