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Expanded Financial Services

Accessible and Affordable Loans and Accounts

Many of our depositors and borrowers come to us without any prior experience with a bank or credit union. We work hard to remove language barriers, high fees and rigid credit requirements that can block members from entering the financial mainstream. Our goal is to help our members avoid high-cost lenders, build up savings and get affordable credit. And we provide fair and affordable home loans--the most accessible way families can build assets and gain greater economic security.

Opening the Door to Fair Credit and More Savings

  • Easy-to-open accounts with low fees and a focus on accessibility and transparency.
  • Lending that accommodates limited or imperfect credit histories. We often are able to serve families that have faced financial difficulties.
  • Interest rates based on the cost of delivering fair and responsible loans, not a desire to maximize profits.
  • Home loans with flexible credit standards and low down payments.
  • "Credit Builder" and "WealthBuilder" loans that help borrowers improve credit scores and build savings.