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COVID-19 Update
In accordance with current public health guidelines, a face covering must be worn by anyone entering a Self-Help branch. Before going to a branch, please check here for up-to-date information on all our locations.

Our Environmental Work

At Self-Help, our environmental work focuses on supporting low-income people who are disproportionately affected by climate change and pollution. We do this by investing in organizations and entrepreneurs that create sustainable development in communities historically overlooked by the environmental movement.

At Self-Help, we evaluate the social impact of all the loans we consider and make investments in sustainable energy projects and building more sustainable communities.

  • We extended paycheck protection financing worth $4.2M to 31 environmental organizations, helping them maintain 363 jobs during the pandemic.
  • Since 1989, we have invested $357 million in projects that have created a positive environmental impact in the communities we serve.*
  • Our investments include loans to 236 businesses and nonprofits that have come to us with a proven commitment to providing a sustainable future.
  • Areas of investment include renewable energy, energy-efficient homes and sustainable food systems, and other green businesses.
  • We do not invest in projects involving fossil fuel extraction or production.

We work with other lenders and advocate to advance sustainability:

Our sustainability work is made possible by all of our members who trust us with their deposits and investments.

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Click the images below to learn more.


Kinston Rooftop PV (Kingfisher)

We finance renewable energy.

D-BRB Vacuum Truck 2

We support green businesses.


We build efficient homes.


We invest in home energy.

Community Foods storefront

We invest in sustainable food systems.


We help our borrowers save energy and water.

Howard changing lights

We reduce our impact.

Join us in working for a better, greener world, and learn about how you can invest with us. Contact Ebony Perkins and follow our Sustainability Director on Twitter @SelfHelpGreen.


Check out these tips from Self-Help’s Sustainability Director for saving energy in your small businessyour home or apartment, and for keeping your space healthy.


*Note: that $357 million is an updated impact figure. A previously reported number ($386) included some loans from our Food Systems sector that are now accounted for elsewhere.