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Charter School Loans

Build a Strong Foundation for Education

Secure the space you need to provide a quality, tuition-free public education. Self-Help makes loans to high-performing public charter schools across the country in both rural and urban areas to purchase land, construct new facilities and expand or renovate existing facilities.

Benefits of Self-Help Charter School Loans

  • Exclusive funds for charter schools in low-wealth communities
  • Funds to improve your charter school's facilities, including:
    • Purchase of a facility or land
    • Construction of a new facility
    • Renovations or expansions
    • Construction financing can be rolled into permanent refinancing
  • Flexible terms
  • No cap on loan size
  • Credit enhancement programs available
  • Technical assistance from our experienced charter school team, which has served public charter schools in 16 states and D.C.

How financially healthy is your charter school? Take a look at our Charter School Financial Health Metrics --a quick guide to give you a snapshot of your school's financial health.

Self-Help borrower Henderson Collegiate is a rural public charter school that serves mostly low-income kids. But low-income doesn't have to mean low-achieving. Every year since the school's founding, the students at Henderson Collegiate have outpaced state expectations for student achievement.