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Child Care Business Resources

Child cares have to do more than just provide high-quality care—they have to succeed financially too. Take advantage of the materials below to learn more about the business side of child care.

Interested in learning more? Take Self-Help’s Child Care Business Basics course! Connect with a trainer in your area to find out more about upcoming trainings. After completing the course, you will earn a Quality Point towards your star-rated license. 

Operating a child care during a pandemic is hard. Click here for child care business resources specific to COVID-19

Operating Your Business

  • Business Plan Overview and Checklist: Every business needs a business plan. This overview lays out the typical components of a business plan and includes a checklist to help keep you organized.
  • Sample Marketing Tools: Browse a list of marketing ideas to fit your budget, including word-of-mouth strategies, direct marketing activity, and public relations and advertising suggestions.

Determining Costs

To succeed as a child-care business owner, you need a clear understanding of your expenses. Use the guided worksheets below to learn more about the different types of business costs and how to calculate your own.

In-Home Child Care Business

Use the guided worksheets below to calculate start-up costs, direct costs and overheard (indirect) costs for your in-home child care business. Note: these worksheets provide examples. Actual costs will vary depending on the size of your business, location of your business, and your star rating. 

Child Care Center

Use the guided worksheets below to calculate start-up costs, direct costs and overheard (indirect) costs for your child care center.

Cash Flow Projections

It's important to understand your business's cash flow (how and when your business earns and spends money). Use the guided worksheets below to see how cash flows in and out of your child care business.

child care

Need More Help?

Child Care Regulations

For current information on North Carolina child-care licensing rules, regulations, subsidies, program components and more, please visit the North Carolina Division of Child Development's website.

Staff Development Resources

Is your staff aware of the resources available for professional development? The Child Care Services Association offers several programs to help child-care providers maintain well-trained and fairly compensated staff. See the T.E.A.C.H Early Childhood Project and Child Care WAGE$ National for more.

Business Training

Do you want more business training and to earn a Quality Point towards your star-rated license? Take our Child Care Business Basics training course, offered by trainers around the state. Find a trainer in your area here

Other Resources

These organizations offer more good resources: