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Finding Your Place in Self-Help

Understanding the Difference Between Self-Help CU and Self-Help Federal CU

Self-Help CU and Self-Help Federal CU are two different credit unions each with its own membership, branch network, member service resources, website, online and mobile banking platforms. 

If you want to get accurate information about your credit union, find a branch, or use online and mobile banking, you'll need to know which of the two you belong to.

Some key differences

Self-Help CU


North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida.  

Website/Online Banking 

You're already on it! This website is at


Mobile Banking App

Available here: Android | Apple

Self-Help Federal CU


California, Chicago and Milwaukee. 

Website/Online Banking (notice the addition of 'fcu' in the website address)


Mobile Banking App

Available here: Android | Apple

Joining Our Credit Unions

Not yet a member? Join by following one of the links below:

Questions? Contact Self-Help CU at 800.966.7353.