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Self-Help's 2023 Annual Report

A Message From Our CEO

"As I reflect on 2023, I’m reminded of the principles on which Self-Help was founded over 43 years ago: a deep belief in justice, economic opportunity, and the power of community self-determination."



Credit Union Members Served


Locations across 8 States


in financing for businesses, nonprofits and community facilities


affordable home loans for families


childcare or public charter school spots created or preserved


jobs created or maintained

Delivering Responsible Financial Services

At Self-Help, it is our great privilege to work with the individuals and businesses who come to us for financial services. Over and over, we are inspired and encouraged by their ingenuity and determination. We are pleased to share some of their stories.



Opening Doors to Affordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing for both renters and owners is a crisis in too many cities. The solution? More high-quality, energy efficient, and affordable homes — created in partnership with community leaders and nonprofits.  


Widening the Path to Homeownership

Supporting homeownership is a cornerstone of our mission. Homeownership doesn’t just save money that would have been spent on rent, but it creates long-term financial stability and an opportunity to build generational wealth.  



Investing in Community

Nonprofit institutions like the ones we lend to are the key to thriving communities. We’re excited to share the stories of a few of our borrowers: two schools, a faith community and a childcare, each more inspiring than the last.    

Connecting Through One-On-One Financial Coaching

"I worked hard in my job...I was nervous...she kept telling me to not lose hope,” - Leily Yakelin Flores Funes, coaching client, on the journey of building her financial future. 

Eating Your Cake and Having It Too

If you are looking for skill, creativity, motivation, inspiration and perseverance, look no further than Self-Help's commercial loan borrowers. If you’re looking for all that, plus cake, let us introduce Jessica Hill of The Sugar Hill Kakery, in Laurinburg, NC. 

Partnering Across Generations

Everything we do at Self-Help is made possible by people: our members, our staff, and the multiple stakeholders who interact with our organization. Behind every transaction we undertake at Self-Help is a human being with a story.  


As we celebrate our members, borrowers, stakeholders, and community partners, we are reminded that we cannot do this work alone. Our mission is creating and protecting ownership and opportunity for all, especially people of color, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities. The pursuit of this mission requires an inclusive approach and a collective mindset. Join us. Together, we can expand economic opportunity for all.