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The Food Fairy Grows and Goes Solar – with Loans from Self-Help

By Melissa Malkin-Weber
  | Nov 23, 2015

Food Fairy“Being able to provide a personal chef service that nurtures people means they are better able to pass on a little surplus of loving kindness, much like the solar energy my panels create: the surplus solar energy moves forward to offset the energy needs of others.” -Terri McClernon

Terri McClernon’s personal chef business, “Food Fairy,” grew from her passion to nurture and support people by providing a sustainable way for them to manage their time and their health. Terri’s business takes her on creative journeys through her clients’ kitchens to fill their refrigerators and freezers with a week or even a month’s worth of nourishing meals. To that end, she uses the freshest ingredients and often ones that are locally grown. To encourage clients to explore local foods, she offers to create meals from their own shopping sprees at the farmers’ market.

When Terri wanted to expand her impact and reach new customers, she came to Self-Help Credit Union. Loan officer Jennifer Sherwin tailored a loan package that included help from the Chatham County Loan Fund. This financing enabled Terri to produce an interactive “cook-a-long DVD”—a program that is fun and informative. DVD sales give her new options for passive income that complement her work. As a result of the DVDs’ distribution all around the country, Terri developed a stronger brand and even landed a consulting engagement.

In 2015, with the start-up of the Solarize Chatham County program in North Carolina, Terri again worked with Self-Help Credit Union to finance a rooftop solar installation.

You can learn more about our green lending and follow along on Twitter with our Sustainability Director, who posts under the name @SelfHelpGreen.

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