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Kind Words from our Mystery Homeowner

By Mary Moore
  | Jan 19, 2017

Back in December, Self-Help staff in Asheville (Wall Street location) noticed a note attached to a catering dish delivered for a holiday event. The note was anonymous, but we soon discovered that one of our homeowners, Martha Worley, was the thoughtful person.

When we contacted her, Martha said, “I have a special place in my heart for Self-Help.”

Martha originally bought her house in 1999 when she was married. After she and her husband separated, she wanted to keep the house badly. To afford the home on her own, she needed to refinance. She shopped around, but had no luck getting a loan on her single income—until she came to Self-Help.

“When I went to Self-Help, they helped me figure out how to make the refinance work, and I was able to keep my home.” 

We’re delighted that Martha could stay in her home, too, and we thank her for the thoughtful note. Go online to find out more about our home loans or call 1-800-966-7353.  

Homeowner Martha Worley

Martha Worley in front of her home in Asheville, NC.

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