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Assistive Technology Financing (NC Only)

Financing for the Purchase of Devices & Equipment

Our assistive technology loans can be used for the purchase of almost any device or equipment that will enhance the quality of life for a person with disabilities.

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Common Loan Types and Uses

Personal Loans:

  • Hearing aids 
  • Communication devices such as voice recognition programs, speech tablets, screen readers, closed captioning, cognitive aids, etc.
  • Personal mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, prosthetics and orthotics devices
  • Home modifications such as ramps, grab bars, doorway widening, etc.

Equipment purchases may include warranties, co-payments, etc.

Vehicle Loans:

  • New and used vehicle purchases
  • Vehicle modification/upfits and repairs

Access Modification Loans:  

  • Vehicle modification/upfits and repairs
  • Low vision/magnification devices
  • Braille devices
  • Speech generating devices
  • Recreational adaptation
  • Home modifications 

Assistive Technology Services Loans: 

  • Cost of training to learn how to use an Assistive Technology device
  • Cost of extended service agreements and warranties
  • Cost of repair/maintenance of Assistive Technology devices

Loan Criteria  

  • Any North Carolina resident living with a disability is eligible.

  • Any adult family member, friend or loved one of a person living with a disability may qualify to be the loan applicant.

  • Loan applicant(s) must visit a Self-Help CU branch once the financing is approved.

  • State of North Carolina and Medicaid assistive technology restrictions DO NOT apply.

  • Loan rates and terms may vary depending on Self-Help CU's loan underwriting criteria and the credit history of the applicant.

Our North Carolina Partners

We partner with the NC Assistive Technology Program and other organizations, community groups and individuals to help identify and reach people with disabilities across North Carolina who need loans.


For more information and to apply:

Tamara Pereboom
Assistive Technologist
NC Assistive Technology Program 
(980) 296-6793 

Self-Help Credit Union – Member Services Call Center
(800) 966-7353

Informational Resources

  • NC Assistive Technology initial referral form 
  • Here's a bilingual instruction form created by the NC Assistive Technology Program to assist Spanish speakers.
  • Self-Help periodically holds Assistive Technology events across North Carolina. Future event dates will be posted on this site once a schedule is set. Contact us to discuss the possible scheduling of event opportunities in your community.

Coming soon! Photos and testimonials of previous events.





Self-Help’s David Beck (right), who utilizes a hearing aid, shares why he advocates strongly for assistive technology loans.

Photo of David Beck in conversation with his coworker Tracy Cox.