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    Our expert financial coaches provide one-on-one personalized support and guidance in a trusting environment so you can tackle your short- and long-term goals.
    Entrepreneur and Self-Help borrower Darnella Warthen talks about growing her successful child care business, A New Beginning Child Care Services.
    1-year Certificate
    4.50% APY*
    Money Market
    3.33% APY*
    3-year Certificate
    4.08% APY*

    Self-Help Shares

    Racial Justice
    Celebrating Juneteenth: Understanding the Flag, Colors, and Traditions
    Environmental Stewardship
    Laying the Groundwork for an Equitable Clean Energy Future
    Budgeting Tips
    Align Your Spending and Your Goals

    Rooted in Community

    Since 1980, we’ve provided $10.8 billion in financing to small businesses, community projects, families and individuals.
    We work hand-in-hand with our partners, borrowers and members to expand economic opportunity for all.
    From free financial counseling to easy online banking options to personalized loan underwriting, we’re here for you.

    Our mission is creating and protecting ownership and economic opportunity for all, especially people of color, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities.

    Self-Help Credit Union has branches in NC, SC, FL and VA, and we offer remote services like online and mobile banking to make joining us easy no matter where you live.


    *Rates are current as of July 1, 2024 unless otherwise noted and are subject to change.

    APR = Annual Percentage Rate 

    APY = Annual Percentage Yield 

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