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Credit Card Services

Credit Card Reporting and Resources

 If your credit card has been lost or stolen, please call the appropriate number listed below.
Are you a Palmetto Trust debit or credit card holder? For assistance with Palmetto Trust credit cards, click here.

Credit Card Services

Lost and Stolen Reporting

  • 800.966.7353 (7am-6pm ET, M-F and 9am-5pm ET, Sat) to reach the Self-Help CU member services call center
  • 888.241.2510 after hours and on weekends to reach Card Member Security
  • 909.941.1398 from a non-mobile phone line when you're outside of the U.S. (this will be a collect call)
Go to our Lost or Stolen Card Page to file a report.


Payment Methods

Mastercard Assistance

  • Identity Theft Alerts. Click on the text link to enroll via the Mastercard website.
  • Mastercard Global Services: call 800-627-8372

Disclosures & Agreements

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