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How to Use Mobile Deposit

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile deposit is one of the convenient features on Self-Help Credit Union's mobile banking app. It allows you to use your smartphone or other smart device to deposit paper checks into a SHCU account—anytime, wherever you happen to be.


How do I enroll?

New SHCU mobile banking users will need to download our mobile banking app. Once you have the app, follow these steps:

  • On the apps menu screen, click on the Mobile Deposit panel.
  • Follow the steps to complete the enrollment process.
  • To complete the process, you must accept the End User Agreement.
  • Final enrollment approval or denial will follow.


Is there a fee?

For your reference, the SHCU Schedule of Fees lists all SHCU fees and charges (and how to avoid them, if applicable). To find out whether any messaging or data charges may apply, contact your wireless provider.


What are user eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for mobile deposit you must be: 

  • An SHCU member in good standing 
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Enrolled in Self-Help Credit Union’s online banking service 
  • An account holder with the credit union for at least 30 days with funds on deposit. 
  • Only personal accounts are eligible to use SHCU Mobile Deposit. Small business accounts and nonprofit organization accounts are not eligible.


Can an enrollee terminate enrollment?

Yes. To terminate, please send written notification to SHCU. Notification must include the desired termination date. Similarly, SHCU may terminate an enrollee at any time with written notice.


How many checks can be submitted for deposit within a 24-hour period?

There is no limit on the number of checks that can be submitted via mobile deposit. 


Is there a limit on the dollar amount allowed on deposits?

Yes. The deposit limit will be displayed by the app. 


When will the transmission of a check image be considered an actual deposit? Which types of
mobile deposits will Self-Help Credit Union not accept? What is the hold policy on checks deposited ?

See the Mobile Deposit User Agreement for detailed answers to these questions.


How do I endorse a check for deposit?

Write FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY on the back of the check, along with your Self-Help CU member number.


What should I do with a check once it has been imaged successfully?

Retain the check for at least 60 calendar days from the date of the image transmission. After 60 days, destroy the check (preferably with a shredding machine) or mark it VOID.


How do I cancel a mobile deposit?

Once a mobile deposit is successfully submitted it cannot be cancelled.


Why might the amount I entered via mobile deposit differ from the credit amount shown for the account?

It may be that an internal review of the deposited item discovered that the amount entered by keypad at the time of the deposit was different from the amount written on the check.


Where can I get additional answers to questions about SHCU Mobile Deposit?

Use the following information to contact Self-Help Credit Union:

  • Contact your local branch
  • Call Self-Help CU Member Services: 1-800-966-7353 (toll-free)