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Community Scholarship

The 2024 scholarship application is now live.

Apply Now! 

Application Information / Instructions


Self-Help will establish and fund an annual scholarship to be awarded by each Self-Help and Self-Help Federal Credit Union branch.


To provide financial assistance to those who have committed to improving their lives and their community by furthering their education.   


Those who plan to attend or are attending any post-secondary educational institution will be eligible.  Eligible institutions include universities, colleges, technical schools, trade, and vocational institutions.

Self-Help employees and board members and their family members are not eligible to apply. A “family member” is a person's spouse, parents, siblings, children, and life partner; the parents, siblings and children of a person’s spouse or life partner; and anyone living within the person's household as a family member.

Application Process

All applicants will complete and submit a scholarship application online by March 31, 2024 for an opportunity to be awarded $1,000. 


Scholarship Amount

The amount to be awarded is $1,000 from each credit union branch. 

Selection Process

A selection committee of three or more Self-Help staff members will review each application. The committee will meet as soon as possible after the application deadline to review and assess all applications. Once a decision is made, the scholarship recipient will be notified by the committee. IMPORTANT: Scholarship recipients have 10 business days to respond and accept the award. If an applicant does not respond, a new applicant will be selected and awarded.


Scholarship Amount

The amount to be awarded is $1000 from each credit union branch. 



The scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient’s school. The funds may be used for tuition, room, board, books, or materials.  A letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment is required from the selected scholarship recipient before funds can be awarded.