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Media Release

Self-Help Credit Union makes it easier for members to be their authentic selves when using credit and debit cards

The My Name card allows members to have their chosen names reflected on their bank cards instead of their legal name

Sep 15, 2022
[Durham, NC | September 15, 2022] — Many people face complications or adversity when making purchases because the name on their bank card doesn’t match who they truly are. To make things worse, it’s difficult to get those cards updated. Not anymore. Self-Help is now making it easier for members, including transgender and non-binary members, to be their authentic self -- by having their chosen name reflected on their credit or debit card

Self-Help introduces My Name to do just that. My Name lets members display their chosen name on their debit or credit cards.

Here’s why that’s important: Studies show people who have shown an ID with a name that did not match their gender identity have been denied service or had other negative experiences. Transgender and non-binary Americans in particular face substantial challenges and even discrimination and harassment when names on their bank cards don’t match who they truly are. People who regularly go by a nickname, or middle name can also have issues when trying to make financial transactions. Legal name changes can be a long and costly process so getting those cards updated can be difficult.

My Name will be available to Self-Help debit and credit card holders this month.

Self-Help Credit Union works nationwide to provide fair and affordable financial products that help low- to moderate-wealth families and communities of color build savings, repair credit and achieve their financial goals. Headquartered in Durham, NC, Self-Help is one of the largest and fastest growing community development financial institutions in the nation.

Self-Help Credit Union has 37 branches, $1.64 billion in assets, and serves over 91,000 members. We are committed to delivering safe and affordable savings, transparently-priced accounts, and a full suite of loans – consumer, auto, and mortgage – often to borrowers who could not access responsible services elsewhere.

Self-Help is part of a family of non-profit organizations whose collective mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all. For over 40 years, Self-Help and its affiliates have provided more than $10.5 billion in financing to help thousands of borrowers buy homes, start and grow businesses, and help strengthen community resources.

While many banks and credit unions are now moving to eliminate overdraft fees -- Self-Help has never had overdraft fees and has actively worked with partners across the industry to advocate for their elimination.

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